NYC braces for weeklong heat wave



Summer arrived a couple weeks early Saturday, blasting the metro area with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees and sending crowds out to the beaches and parks.

The big heat will be sticking around all week.

Sunday is expected to bring another day near 90 degrees, while temps will be in the high 80s Monday through Thursday.

Another sign it’s summer: the humidity will start ramping up on Monday, though Accuweather senior meteorologist John Feerick said it’s too early for the type of humidity that arrives during the dog days.

“It’s not going to be that July-August kind of humidity, but it’s certainly going to be noticeable,” he said.

Expect cooler temperatures near the shore, where it also might be a bit too cold for any but the most determined swimmers. The water temperature is still around 60 degrees, said Feerick.

“The ocean is still pretty chilly,” he said. Anyone brave enough to wade in should be alert for rip currents stirred up by recent storms.

People spend a hot Saturday in early June at the People's Beach beach at Jacob Riis Park.
New Yorkers cool off on the People’s Beach at Jacob Riis Park in Queens on June 5, 2021.
William Miller for NY Post


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