Broncos’ QB nightmare amplifies Aaron Rodgers dream



The Broncos quarterback situation could be terrific. At this moment, however, it seems uncertain at best.

Denver is among the teams that has significant interest in trying to pry disgruntled superstar Aaron Rodgers from the Packers, as its two current quarterbacks don’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence.

Drew Lock (l) and Aaron Rodgers
Drew Lock (l) and Aaron Rodgers
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Drew Lock is unproven and Teddy Bridgewater is a journeyman the Panthers opted to trade after acquiring Sam Darnold. Both struggled at OTAs on Monday, according to reporters on hand — Lock, a second-round pick in 2019, threw two interceptions and Bridgewater threw one.

And it appears Denver will be stuck with the two for the time being. While Rodgers is in a stalemate with Green Bay, the team has said it won’t move him.

“We’ll see if there is someone who can upgrade what we have, but we like our two,” Denver general manager George Paton said recently.


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